Leapmotor C01 EV Released, Maximum Range Exceeds 700km

The C01, a new model produced by electric vehicle firm Leapmotor, was officially unveiled and opened for pre-sale on Tuesday. The new car will be available in five versions with a price range from 180,000 yuan to 270,000 yuan ($26,784 – $40,176).

The Leapmotor C01 is a medium-to-large pure electric car with a size of 5050*1890*1503mm and wheelbase of 2930mm.

In terms of power, the Leapmotor C01 adopts independently developed oil-cooled electric drive, with a single motor power of 200kW and a maximum peak torque of 500 N • m. Among them, the four-wheel drive version is equipped with two oil-cooled electric drives with a maximum output power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 720 N • m.

The electric vehicle startup has not fallen behind in terms of automotive intelligence. The Leapmotor C01 realizes the control of three cockpit screens with only one Qualcomm 8155 chip, and supports remote control by OPPO smartphones and watches.

The vehicle also adopts Leapmotor Pilot, an intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize L2 autonomous driving. Users can subscribe to the intelligent pilot assistance system in the future, which can cover daily urban travel, high-speed long-distance driving, parking, and more.

It is worth noting that the C01 uses Cell To Chassis (CTC) technology, which further simplifies the internal structure of the battery cell pack by redesigning the battery-bearing tray, making it the first vehicle in the world to not use a separate battery pack.

After adopting CTC technology, the space utilization rate of the vehicle can be increased by 14.5%, and the rigidity of the whole vehicle can be increased by 25%. This new car will be equipped with a 90kWh power battery, giving it a cruising range of 717 kilometers under CLTC conditions.

At the beginning of May, Chinese automotive startups announced their delivery volume in April one after another. Affected by pandemic lockdowns, many factories and supply chains have stopped operations. However, the delivery volume of Leapmotor in April still achieved 228% year-on-year growth to reach 9,087 units. A total of 30,666 units have been delivered so far this year.

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