Kuaishou’s KLING AI Launches Web Version, Open Sources Large Image Generation Model

On July 6th, during the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Kuaishou held a large-scale forum with the theme of “New AI, New Applications, New Ecosystem”. At the event, Kuaishou’s large models made their collective debut for the first time. Several new features of products such as video generation large models ‘KLING’ and image generation large models ‘Kolors’ were officially released.

After the release of the video generation and video continuation functions, KLING has ushered in its third major upgrade within a month, and the web version is also officially launched. At this forum, KLING introduced a clearer high-definition version, as well as new features such as frame control at the beginning and end, camera control, etc. At the same time, the duration of videos generated by creators in a single session has been increased to 10 seconds. The image generation large model Kolors can then be announced to be officially open source.

It is reported that based on the KwaiYii large model, video script generation, live real-time script generation, advertising lead customer service, overlay digital human technology to help commercial advertisers generate high-quality videos and live content at low cost, and improve lead conversion efficiency. Kuaishou’s AIGC marketing materials reached a milestone in June this year with a single-day consumption peak exceeding 20 million, demonstrating the huge potential of large models in commercial scenarios.

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