Kuaishou Releases Self-Developed System on Chip SL200

At a launch event held on August 10 by Kuaishou’s cloud video brand StreamLake, Senior Vice President of Kuaishou and Head of StreamLake Yu Bing said that Kuaishou has developed an intelligent video processing System on Chip (SoC) product called the SL200.

Yu said that the launch of the chip could further enhance the technical strength of the industry, helping customers and enterprises bring about higher benefits at lower computing costs. The chip is still in the small-scale testing stage, and it will take some time to achieve mass production.

Also on the event, Kuaishou officially released cloud video brand StreamLake, entering the B-to-B tech market. StreamLake boasts two core advantages – “Video + AI” – which will provide a full-link solution for enterprises’ video upgrades. In the past year, Kuaishou has explored this field with many partners such as Zhihu, China Unicom, CCTV and Xiaomi.

StreamLake (Source: Kuaishou)

Video is becoming the most extensive carrier for connecting customers in various industries. According to the latest report from Ericsson Mobility, mobile data traffic is expected to increase by 4.38 times in the next six years, within which video traffic will account for 79%. Chen Dingjia, the chief technology officer of Kuaishou, said that while there is still great uncertainty about the form of the next generation of the internet, no matter what, the bottom layer cannot be separated from audio, video and AI technology.

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With increasing demand for streaming of high-quality videos, CPUs and GPUs can no longer meet the needs of processing huge video services. Thus, VPU, a special video processing chip, came into being. So far, Google, Meta, ByteDance, Tencent, Kuaishou and other major internet giants have all targeted this chip, increasing their layout and starting self-research.