Kuaishou Launches Blue-collar Recruitment Platform: Kuaizhaogong

Kuaishou, a leading content community in China, recently launched a live-streaming recruitment function on its platform called Kuaizhaogong.

Different from a traditional recruiter, this mode of recruitment does not need users to send resumes to complete their job application. Instead, all they need to do is to leave their contact information. This simplified operation is more suitable for blue-collar workers looking for as many opportunities as possible.

According to insiders of the company, live-streaming recruitment was an exploration of its live-streaming system particularly because there are a large number of blue-collar users on Kuaishou to provide sufficient supply and demand. Combined with the trust relationship and real interaction between users and live-streamers, this mode’s conversion rate from job delivery to successful entry was much higher than expected.

Recent data shows that the population of blue-collar workers in China’s secondary and tertiary industries is currently around 426 million. Compared with 180 million white-collar workers and 12.4 million gold-collar workers, the population of blue-collar workers is much larger.

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For recruiters such as enterprises and labor intermediaries, they can become certified users of the new platform by searching for “Kuaizhaogong” in Kuaishou and submitting the required information, such as their business licenses, human resource service permit and other information. Since, after the Spring Festival, there is often a period of people looking for work and companies looking to hire, its debatable whether Kaishou will have any more moves into this area.