“iSpace’s Success Independent of Musk”, Says Chief Designer Amid Rocket Recovery Technology Triumph

China’s trailblazing private aerospace company, iSpace, marked another global milestone with the successful first vertical takeoff and landing flight test of its “Hyperbola-2” verification rocket.

Ji Haibo, the chief designer behind Hyperbola-2 and 3, dismissed any links to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, stating, “We couldn’t find any information related to rocket recovery. This is purely a result of the perseverance and innovation of Chinese aerospace technicians through repeated trials.”

He also emphasized the importance of homegrown technology, saying, “Everything, from technology to products, is independently developed by the company. We need to control key technologies and break through any barriers we encounter.”

Ji, who also serves as the chief designer of the iSpace SQX-2Y liquid rocket, detailed the successful test. The verification rocket soared to a height of approximately 350 meters, executed a lateral movement during descent, and finally landed steadily about 50 meters from the launch point.

Looking ahead, iSpace plans to conduct a third flight test of this verification rocket next year, with the ambitious goal of achieving sea recovery.

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