Inmyshow Digital and Skyworth Launch HASHII Encrypted Digital Print

On July 13, the HASHII encrypted digital print was jointly released by Inmyshow Digital, a new media marketing company, and Skyworth, a television manufacturer. This product binds warrant information based on the BSN chain with digital print hardware through a unique encrypted hardware wallet, and it is an innovative digital collection display device.

The display of HASHII uses a paper-like eye-protecting LCD screen, and adopts core display technologies such as unique anti-glare polarizing film, low blue-light LED bar, automatic matching of image engines and intelligent photosensitivity of ambient light. The digital images effectively restore original paper art paintings.

HASHII is also the first digital collection display device of Cootx, a joint venture under Skyworth and Inmyshow Digital. In the future, this product will be part of the open digital content ecology of Honnverse, a 3D virtual life community launched by Inmyshow Digital. The digital prints purchased by users can be collected and displayed in the real world with HASHII, and can also be displayed and collected simultaneously in the virtual world of Honnverse.

HASHII encrypted digital print (Source: Inmyshow Digital)

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Inmyshow Digital issued the following statement: “HASHII encrypted digital print combines our advantages in blockchain technology, digital collection service, virtual scenario and IP operation, together with Skyworth’s experience in intelligent device. This is an important step in the presentation of domestic metaverse digital assets. The product is like a ‘window’ connecting reality with the metaverse world, which allows collectors and visitors to feel the charm, enlarges the social attributes of artworks, and drives new changes in social relations in the era of Web3.0.”

The first batch of encrypted digital prints include works of auctioned art created by Chinese artists Jin Shangyi and Yang Feiyun, with a total of 130 pieces on sale. The first batch will be sold in limited quantities through Skyworth’s online flagship store.