Immutable X Inks Partnership with Turner Sports to Build Blockchain Games

Immutable X, the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs using Ethereum, entered into a strategic partnership with Turner Sports to build blockchain games for premier sports. The titles will be powered by StarkWare.

Immutable X, powering the next generation of Web3 games, is the L2/L3 scaling solution for NFTs to enable liquidity at scale without compromising on the decentralization or security of the Ethereum blockchain currency.

The solution, powered by StarkWare’s innovative technology, offers instant trade confirmations, massive scalability (up to 9,000 transactions per second), and a much improved developer and user experience. Immutable X is powering some NFT plays across consumer apps (TikTok), DeFi (SuperFarm), and gaming (GameStop, Highrise, etc).

Turner Sports, home to the Bleacher Report, TNT, TBS, and a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting Systems, have been innovating in web3 gaming since 2017. Turner Sports also owns Peachtree TV and operates NBA TV on behalf of the National Basketball Association. Turner Sports debuted one of the first NFT projects from a major sports publisher last Spring, selling nearly $1 million of Open Run collectibles.

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“We’re proud that our partnership with Turner Sports matches two best-in-class organizations to expand the availability of compelling sports content and drive engagement in the Web3 ecosystem,” Immutable cofounder Robbie Ferguson said in a statement.