Huawei’s Auto Business Partner Sokon to Launch Pure Electric Model in 2022

On Thursday, the records of an investor survey disclosed by Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, a partner of Huawei’s car-manufacturing business, showed that the company will launch pure electric models this year, and is developing a brand-new large-size SUV, which is expected to be released later in 2023.

Sokon also discussed its relationship with Huawei. The company said that it is definitely not a foundry of Huawei, and that the sales revenue of its vehicles belongs to itself. Through the companies’ cooperation, Sokon’s products will enter Huawei’s stores in core business districts, which will greatly reduce the company’s sales expenses. Of course, Huawei will also profit by providing the necessary sales space.

Sokon believed that it and Huawei pioneered the cross-border cooperation between vehicle enterprises and ICT enterprises. The company has confidence in its products and channels such that it hopes to achieve in two years a sales scale that took other companies five or six years to achieve.

On March 5th, the AITO M5, jointly developed by Sokon and Huawei, was delivered to more than 100 user centers in 36 cities across the country. Huawei fully assisted in the vehicle’s early planning, design, marketing and sales.

At present, the AITO M5 is mainly produced at the Liangjiang Smart Factory in Chongqing, owned by Seres, a new energy vehicle brand under Sokon. The plant is able to produce 30 vehicles per hour, though future models will be produced in Seres’ Phoenix Smart Factory.

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Sokon said that as of the end of February this year, more than 400 stores sold the AITO M5. Further, more than 100 user centers will be built to promote the sales of future models.