Huawei Tests Petal Travel Ride-Hailing App

Shenzhen-based Huawei initiated testing for the “Petal Travel” ride-hailing app on July 4. This digital platform brings together high-quality taxi providers in China to provide travel services for users.

Petal Travel now offers services in Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing, and Huawei has indicated a continual expansion of coverage. It requires an internet connection for the device, network, app operation, location, order and account information to provide integrated taxi services.

The app page shows that it uses Petal Maps, launched by Huawei for overseas users in October 2020. In December last year, Huawei released Petal Maps, an in-car map, and debuted the AITO M5 vehicle model.

This car, which was released on July 4, is equipped with Petal Maps. The firm says that the mapping platform provides cross-end navigation task flow and convenient location sharing, and offers ubiquitous navigation information, combined with practical functions such as smart split screen and air conditioning linkage. It brings a new smart navigation experience for car owners.

In navigation mode, Petal Maps intelligently recommends optimal routes based on real-time road conditions, such as highway priority, major road priority, maximum speed, and congestion avoidance. When driving on complex intersections or overpasses, Petal Maps also zooms in on the intersections to avoid taking the wrong road. Huawei said that the monthly usage rate of Petal Maps by car owners is as high as 93.1%, which is higher than the industry average.

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According to online ride-hailing operation data released by China’s Ministry of Transport, a total of 527 million orders were received in May by the online car regulatory information interaction platform, up 10.7% from a year earlier. Among the top 10 online taxi platforms in terms of order volume, eight platforms saw an increase in orders from a year earlier. Among them, T3 Travel had the most significant increase in orders.