Huawei Releases AITO M5 Intelligent Driving Edition, Teases the Upcoming AITO M9

Huawei launched the AITO M5 Intelligent Driving Edition, the first car model equipped with its second-generation automated driving system ADS 2.0, on April 17th. Additionally, it teased the release of a luxury SUV model called AITO M9 in Q4.

Huawei’s latest technology in intelligent driving, ADS 2.0, features a fusion perception system that includes one lidar, three millimeter-wave radars, eleven camera groups and twelve ultrasonic radars. This advanced system provides full-range coverage of 360° and all-weather perception without relying on high-precision maps.

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Huawei demonstrated in a real test video that the AITO M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can efficiently follow and autonomously start-stop during daily commutes in urban areas. It is capable of making autonomous left turns and yielding to pedestrians at intersections where left-turn signals are absent. Additionally, it can perform emergency braking if the driver becomes distracted.

The AITO M5 Intelligent Driving Edition offers various features on the highway, including autonomous merging and exiting on high-speed ramps, automatic overtaking and avoidance of large vehicles, identification of obstacles in tunnels, and automatic recognition of animals to prevent accidents. Additionally, it supports intelligent parking functions in over 160 different scenarios.

The AITO M5 Intelligent Driving Edition boasts an improved range compared to its regular counterpart. When fully charged and fueled, the pure electric range of CLTC has increased to 255km, while the comprehensive range now reaches 1425km. The extended-range version is priced between 2.798 million yuan ($40,669) and 2.998 million yuan, whereas the pure electric version ranges from 2.898 million yuan to 3.098 million yuan in price.

The AITO M9 is a spacious and luxurious full-size SUV, measuring 5230mm in length with a wheelbase of 3110mm. It can comfortably accommodate between 3 to 6 passengers. The vehicle boasts an all-aluminum chassis, air suspension, and CDC shock absorption system for a smooth ride. Additionally, it features the world’s largest integrated die-casting unit. For entertainment purposes, the M9 offers up to ten screens ranging from 16 inches to an impressive 100 inches in size that can be installed upon request.

AITO M9 (Source: AITO)

The AITO M9 will feature various technologies, including the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit and driving system, Huawei xPixel smart car lights, Huawei AR-HUD, AI large models, sharing sensing data between hardware devices, and HarmonyOS 4.

The AITO M9 series is set to be the priciest model in the AITO brand, with an expected price range of 500,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan. It will come in two versions: an extended-range version and a pure electric version. The official release date for both models is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. Equipped with AI technology, this SUV promises a detailed functional experience that will be announced at its future launch event. Huawei has stated that the M9 will redefine what it means to be the best SUV under 10 million yuan.