Huawei Released Newest Nova 5 Series, Pricing from $400

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, released the newest smartphone series Nova 5 on June 21.

Huawei Nova 5 series smartphone launch event
Huawei Nova 5 series smartphone launch event (source: Huawei)

As the Nova series is mostly recognized for its impressive camera performance, the Nova 5 is powered by an AI quad-camera setup with a 48MP sensor to provide high definition, wide angle, micro-shot and depth of field. Its front camera is designed specifically for portrait photos in low light conditions.

Nova 5 AI quad-camera setup
Nova 5 AI quad-camera setup (source: Huawei)

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The Nova 5 Pro is equipped with Kirin 980, 8GB internal storage and up to 256 GB of memory. The 40W fast charge system can charge the battery to 50 percent within 15 minutes, and 85 percent within half an hour. It comes in four colors, which are green, purple, orange and black, while Nova 5 doesn’t have the orange version.

40W fast charge system
40W fast charge system (source: Huawei)

Huawei Nova 5i also debuted at the launch event, with a 24 MP AI quad camera set and full display screen. It comes in three colors— black, red and blue.

Huawei Nova 5i price (source: Huawei)

Nova 5 Pro is priced at 2999 yuan (8GB+128GB) and 3399 yuan (8GB+256GB) and will start pre-sale on June 21. Nova 5 is 2799 yuan (8GB+128GB), pre-sale available from July 13. The budget version Nova 5i is 1999 yuan (6GB+128GB) and 2199 yuan (8GB+128GB).

Huawei Nova 5 Pro sale Price
Huawei Nova 5 Pro sale color and price (source: Huawei)
Huawei Nova 5 color and price (source: Huawei)

Huawei smartphones’ global shipment exceeded 100 million within 5 months in the first half of 2019. “We are getting faster and faster to break 100 million sales record, because we have been providing quality products, thinking about how to do better and serve our customers from more angles. We will embrace better achievement in the future for innovation and services,”said He Gang, head of Huawei’s smartphone division

Featured photo credit to Huawei