Huawei Launches Portable Power Station/Solar Generator iSitePower-M Mini 

Huawei launched two outdoor power stations in the Chinese market on Monday. The power station is a plug-and-play model that can be used to power various devices such as rice cookers, drones, electric fans, and coffee machines. The company claims that the power station is a necessary partner for outdoor camping.

This outdoor power station, dubbed the iSitePower-M Mini, features a fashionable and elegant appearance. Complete with a display screen, the product adopts a fanless design and an aluminum alloy shell to help dissapate heat from the body of the machine. At the same time, it is small and light and can be easily carried by one person.

The power station has five different types of charging ports, including mains, car, Type-C, solar, and mixed charging (car charger + solar/mains + Type-C). In terms of speed, the 500Wh version can be filled in 3 hours at the earliest, while the 1000Wh version can be filled in 4.5 hours at the earliest.

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According to the product’s introduction page, this outdoor power station can be deployed during home emergencies, for outdoor jobs, open-air camping and to provide lighting at night. The unit ships with two 220V AC output sockets and a USB-C interface that supports PD3.0 peak 60W fast charging.

Huawei is offering two versions of the power station, a 500Wh and a 1000Wh. The power stations are priced at 2450 yuan ($383) and 4550 yuan ($712) respectively while the pre-sale price is 2250 yuan and 4250 yuan respectively.