Huawei-Backed AITO M7 Now Available in Huawei Stores

Securities Daily reported on July 9 that a regional manager of AITO, an EV brand jointly created by Huawei and Seres, said that at present, offline channels are being vigorously laid out. Despite delayed expansion in some second-and third-tier areas in China due to the pandemic, Huawei aims to cover all mainstream cities.

On July 4, AITO officially launched its second model, the AITO M7, a six-seat range-extended full-size SUV inheriting the brand’s luxurious and high-intelligence position. According to Huawei’s latest data, the AITO M7 had scored more than 60,000 orders within 72 hours.

At present, M7 exhibition cars have arrived at the Huawei Experience Store in Beijing’s Hopson One Mall. However, according to the employee in charge of Huawei stores, there are still few M7 prototype cars in China, all of which are being exhibited on tour across the country, and the tour exhibition of some stores lasts until around August 10. Orders placed now will only be delivered until the middle and late August.

Huawei’s auto store staff said that the firm will increase the development of offline stores this year. The offline channel mode will still focus on entering Huawei terminal stores. The company will appropriately renovate some stores to increase the proportion of automobile display and sales.

At present, the sales and after-sales services of Huawei AITO are separated. Specifically, display, sales and test drives are mainly carried out in some of Huawei’s main authorized experience stores, while after-sales business is undertaken by AITO user centers in various locations. In Beijing alone, there are currently more than 20 authorized experience stores that can sell cars, and the number of AITO user centers will also be expanded from four to seven before the end of this year.

At present, the number of enterprises entering Huawei’s automobile industry chain is gradually increasing. In addition to Chongqing Sokon, which directly cooperates with Huawei, a number of listed companies have recently disclosed their supply to the AITO brand.

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Chuanhuan Technology said on its investor interaction platform that the company had participated in supporting R&D of the pipeline system of Seres’ all models, including the AITO M5, and the company is actively organizing production according to the pipeline system orders placed by Seres. Meanwhile, Yunhai Special Metals said that the company provides instrument panel support for the AITO M5.