Hello Inc. to Cooperate with SAIC Mobility and T3

Chinese transportation services platform Hello Inc. announced that it would upgrade its ride-hailing platform, cooperating with a number of other travel enterprises including SAIC Mobility, T3, Ruqi Mobility and others.

Together with Caocao Mobility and Shouyue Qiche – which the company has reached cooperation arrangements with earlier – Hello Inc. is now collaborating with all third-party transport providers that lead the industry in quality and compliance.

Since its establishment, Hello Inc. has accumulated 500 million registered users. This time, Hello Inc. upgraded its transport capacity cooperation platform to a brand alliance to actively upgrade its compliance, services, and so on, focusing on providing quality travel services.

On the one hand, Hello Inc. quickly meets the professional and quality travel service needs of its users through the accumulation of high-quality transport capacity. On the other hand, concerning its cooperative enterprises in the brand alliance, Hello Inc. will focus on investment empowerment and output-differentiated cooperation schemes.

Jiang Tao, Vice President of Hello Inc., revealed that the company will export customized cooperation schemes based on platform data accumulation, its understanding of urban travel needs, and the different advantages and needs of different enterprises. The brand alliance will also collaborate in terms of regional layout, mileage and pricing, so as to help travel enterprises maximize their passenger flows.

Hello Inc. stressed that it will adhere to the low commission policy on mainstream platforms.

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