Geely Releases Photos of Emgrand L Hi • X

Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely released several photos of its new hybrid car, the Emgrand L Hi · X. The vehicle will be equipped with the company’s Leishen “Super Electric Hybrid” system, the first model to adopt this system. The new automobile is expected to go on sale in April.

The new vehicle will adopt the same external design as the Emgrand L but modify a few details. The base of the models will be the same, with the Emgrand L having been built with BMA (B-segment Modular Architecture) and positioned as a compact family-use car, with dimensions of 4735/1815/1478 mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm.

(Source: Geely)

The Leishen Hi · X is the latest hybrid system developed Geely. Compared with the BYD DM-i, the vehicle has a more complex and has a 3-speed hybrid transmission, enabling more than a 40% increase in fuel savings. Further, the new model will be equipped with a 1.5 TD engine, and its transmission system will be matched with a 3-speed DHT. The maximum driving range is 1300 km under full charge with an acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 6.9 seconds. Power loss and fuel consumption are only 3.8 l/100km.

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In addition, the new vehicle will house an intelligent hybrid system that will be able to teach itself how to better manage its energy efficiency while adjusting and adapting to its use by the owner. In total, the vehicle will support about 20 intelligent working modes.

Geely previously announced that it will accelerate its transformation towards new energy development in an all-encompassing way. The company is looking to bring more than 10 new energy products to market, such as Leishen oil-electricity hybrid system, in addition to other super electric hybrid systems and pure electrical vehicles. Among them, more than 5 models are large-mileage plug-in hybrid electric vehicles equipped with the “Super Electric Hybrid” system.