Geely Expects to Deliver 1.65 Million Vehicles in 2023

On January 28, Gan Jiayue, the CEO of Chinese automaker Geely, set the general tone for the development of the company in 2023, emphasizing “speed, pushing limits and unlimited imagination.”

“The ultimate winning factor in the automobile industry must be technology, but now there is a phenomenon that color TVs, refrigerators, massage chairs are added or technology that can’t be carried out is used to attract attention. Although this has achieved some short-term results, if Geely puts all its innovations into these aspects, it will deviate from the law of scientific and technological development and the channel of building cars,” said Gan.

Gan also reviewed the achievements of Geely in 2022. The firm’s annual sales increased by 8% to 1,432,988 vehicles, ranking third in the whole industry and surpassing most joint venture brands. The sales volume of new energy vehicles has significantly increased, and the penetration rate has tripled year-on-year, exceeding 30% in several months.

In 2023, Geely’s sales target is 1.65 million units, and it strives to achieve double increases in new energy vehicles, Leishen hybrid models and Zeekr’s models.

Apart from Zeekr, on January 22, Geely officially announced that it would launch a new energy vehicle brand whose first pure electric or hybrid product will be unveiled in 2023. The preview pictures show that the new car has slender front lines and a sliding back body structure. The front of the vehicle is equipped with L-shaped daytime running lights to create a strong athletic style.

In addition, Geely’s smart computing center was launched today. Gan said that this is the first super cloud computing platform integrating cloud, number and intelligence for global car companies, which can improve Geely’s overall R&D efficiency by 20%. Up to now, nearly 100 PB of experimental data of intelligent driving and networking have been accessed, and millions of online vehicles are supported by concurrent calculation, with an average daily data increment exceeding 100TB. It is estimated that by 2025, the number of online vehicles that can be supported will reach more than three times that of the present.

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In terms of battery technology, Geely will develop safer manganese-based materials and solid-state batteries. In addition, the firm’s recovery rate of nickel, manganese and cobalt has exceeded 99%, and the recovery rate of lithium has exceeded 85%.