Geely Chairman Eric Li: Auto Industry Has Entered Intelligent Development Stage

The World EV & ES Battery Conference was held in Sichuan on July 21. Eric Li, Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, introduced the group’s layout and core advantages in the battery industry chain, and proposed to build a road of sustainable development of new energy and lay the foundation for a transformation to an intelligent and electric industry.

Li explained: “The automobile industry has basically completed its transformation to be electric and entered a stage that focuses on intelligence. The power battery management system is one of the important control systems of new energy vehicles. Its key control and intelligent management functions affect whether the battery can be used in the best condition.”

Intelligent battery management systems that combine big data and cloud computing has become an industry trend. Geely is collecting the data of battery cells and battery systems through its intelligent battery management platform and transmitting them through the cloud to build a data center. It can predict and estimate the whole life cycle state of a battery and realize all-round management of battery.

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The continuous shortage of raw materials for power batteries and the pressure of scrapped batteries on the environment are making battery recycling a larger concern by the public. Li believes that the recycling system of power batteries should be improved to increase the efficiency of resources. In 2018, Geely joined with partners to work on battery recycling and precursor manufacturing, and has developed the core technology of recycling retired batteries. They also built a dismantling and crushing production line and a resource recycling production line. Specifically, the recovery rate of nickel, cobalt and manganese exceeds 99%, and the recovery rate of lithium exceeds 85%.

Li summed up his thoughts saying, that, as a scientific and technological enterprise group committed to electrification and intelligent transformation, Geely is exploring the space with industrial partners involved in the fields of battery technology innovation, battery materials, charging and swapping operations, and photovoltaic power, with the aim to create a complete ecological layout.