Fashion E-Commerce Firm Poizon Launches Digital Collection Platform

The digital collection platform of Chinese fashion e-commerce app Poizon was officially launched on Saturday. In the first batch, three series of trendy digital avatars were released, with a limited distribution of 2,300, among which 1,800 were publicly sold to users and the remaining 500 were reserved by the issuers and the platform.

The three series of digital avatars will be opened to all users of the Poizon app from 10:00 am on June 21, and each account will be limited to buy one avatar from each series. According to the platform, the commemorative value of this collection lies in the unique number that can be traced, and also in the trendy art design that combines the interests, preferences and style languages of younger generations.

The three series of digital avatars – which will total 600 pieces each – include the SneakerCube series, the Tubeman series and the Doberverse series.

The SneakerCube series is inspired by sneaker lovers, showing the community’s personality with different shapes of “shoe box characters.” The Tubeman series is based on dancing balloon characters and has its own expressions, which come from the preferences, interactions and sharing of users in the Poizon online community. The Doberverse series combines doberman and robot elements, showing the futuristic feeling and sci-tech trend that younger generations love.

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After purchasing digital avatars on the platform, Poizon users can set them as their profile photo in the app’s online community. Users can also re-create collections and share them with users who have same interests.

As Poizon’s digital collection platform went online, strict rules were issued to avoid “publicity stunts” according to the standards of the industry. Users will need to register within the real-name system when purchasing collections, and will be clearly informed that the purchased digital collections cannot be resold. The platform does not support any form of secondary transactions.