EV Firm NIO to Raise Price of ET7 by 10,000 Yuan From May 23

NIO Inc., a Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer, announced on Friday that due to the recent rise in global raw material costs, it has decided to raise the prices of its vehicles from May 23. Following the adjustments, the starting price of the ET7 will go up by 10,000 yuan ($1,474).

The ET7 standard battery pack model will be priced at 458,000 yuan and above, while the long battery pack model will cost 516,000 yuan and above. The first version of the ET7 with a long battery pack is to be priced at 536,000 yuan and above. Users who pay deposits before May 22 (inclusive), and who buy cars in 2022, can pay the pre-adjustment prices.

On March 28 of this year, NIO delivered its first intelligent flagship EV, the ET7, in Hefei, where NIO China is headquartered. At that time, offline vehicles were sent to different Chinese cities, and NIO said that it would lock orders, schedule production, produce and deliver according to the previously announced rules. NIO started delivery in Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou.

As the first model of NIO‘s second generation technology platform NT2, the suggested retail price of the ET7 is 448,000-526,000 yuan, while the model with a 150kWh battery pack and 1000km battery life will be launched in the future.

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The NIO ET7 comes standard with intelligent air suspension and dynamic damping control, and is equipped with 4D intelligent body control. The drag coefficient as low as 0.23 Cd, acceleration to 100 km is only 3.9 seconds, and the braking distance of 100-0km/h is only 33.5 m.

NIO‘s ET7 has an intelligent frameless electric suction door and double-dash daytime running lights. It adopts a suspended screen design, color matching dual-spoke steering wheel design, and a hidden intelligent air outlet. Besides, it is equipped with NAD automated driving technology and the “ADAM” NIO supercomputing platform. The whole car has 33 high-performance sensing hardware components, and supports UWB digital keys and intelligent keys.