Enterprise Automation Process Platform Naturobot Secures Pre-A2 Round Financing

Naturobot, an enterprise automation process platform to provide information for the management and performance improvement of enterprises, has received Pre-A2 round financing from investors including Shunwei Capital, German venture capital firm Picus and all previous shareholders, media outlet 36Kr reported on March 30. This is the fourth round of financing for Naturobot within one year.

Naturobot was established in 2021 by Li Lifeng, an experienced entrepreneur with a background in hyper-automation and enterprise services. The company’s core team comprises professionals from leading software and internet companies, including Alibaba, Meituan, JD.com, Baidu, Suning.com, and IBM.

The robotic process automation (RPA) industry emerged in 2018 and has since matured. It has also been integrated with other concepts, including integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and hyper-automation.

Naturobot’s AutoPaaS platform automates IT infrastructure for users by connecting different systems through UI, API, and Data. It enables quick creation and execution of automation processes using low-code or no-code methods.

Li Lifeng stated that relying solely on RPA technology to solve data problems in business operations can result in the creation of another RPA data island. To achieve interconnection among hundreds or thousands of systems within an enterprise, it is necessary to combine various process automation technologies.

Naturobot’s AutoPaaS platform has developed a cloud-native web editor that enables developers and business personnel to easily create, distribute, and manage automated processes. With the cloud automation center accessible through a simple webpage, users can directly build and oversee enterprise automation processes without any additional software or tools.

Taking a Japanese industrial procurement platform that Naturobot services as an example. The customer platform comprises tens of millions of part stock keeping units with prices that fluctuate daily. In China, thousands of salespeople handle hundreds of thousands of quote requests from customers every day. However, the quotation process involves multiple internal and external systems, which necessitates strict compliance mechanisms for each quote request. Consequently, obtaining a quote can take up to 72 hours due to these lengthy procedures.

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Salespeople can now use WeCom, an enterprise communication platform with convenient communication and office automation tools developed by Tencent, to submit customers’ procurement needs to Naturobot’s platform. Once the request is received, Naturobot’s platform partially simulates manual operations in the background, retrieves real-time quotations from Japan’s global headquarters system, and automatically organizes the information into a quotation form. The completed quotation form is then sent back to salespeople via WeCom. This process takes less than 1 minute on average.

Naturobot’s services are now available on DingTalk, WeCom, and Feishu platforms. The company has experienced a monthly user growth of over 100% since the second half of last year, with an increase in monthly usage time by more than 80%. Additionally, Naturobot is currently exploring similar products to ChatGPT and has made some initial progress in this area.