Ele.me Partners with Research Institute to Introduce Indicator System for Food Sustainability

On June 20th, Ele.me, Alibaba Group’s on-demand food delivery platform, and the Agriculture Information Institute (AII) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) collaborated to release food delivery industry’s first sustainable food indicator system, as well as report on carbon reduction for small package food delivery.

The sustainable food indicator system referred to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes 17 sustainable development goals and specific targets. The system selects areas and indicators based on Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s sustainable food value chain development model. Additionally, local regulations, dietary culture, and innovation are also taken into consideration to optimize the system.

The system’s user group will primarily consist of catering enterprises registered on Ele.me, in a bid to encourage and guide them towards the transition to sustainable food systems.

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Meanwhile, according to the report on carbon reduction for small package food delivery, each small package can reduce food waste by 110.23 grams, indicating a reduction rate of 53.3%, and also reduce carbon footprint by 365.07 grams of CO2eq. Taking the data from 2021 as an example, Ele.me’s small package delivery service has reduced food waste equivalent to the annual grain demand of 540,000 people.

Last August, AII and Ele.me collaborated to launch the “sustainable food system laboratory” research project, which focuses on areas such as reducing food waste and promoting low-carbon practices.