E-Commerce Services Firm Mediabook Secures Nearly 100M Yuan in New Funds

On Wednesday, 36kr learned that Mediabook, a Shanghai-based e-commerce service provider, has continuously completed A and A+ rounds of financing totaling nearly 100 million yuan ($15.7 million). Round A featured investment from GF Xinde Investment Management, while round A+ came from Zhiming Capital. Previously, the firm received an angel round of financing from Liu Jun, an early investor in ByteDance.

Mediabook has revealed that this round of financing will be mainly used for the construction of new livestreaming bases, talent recruitment, R&D of systems for Douyin’s interest-oriented e-commerce, and exploration of new growth models.

Founded in 2014, Mediabook’s business is mainly divided into two parts, including digital marketing (Mediabook Advertising) and Douyin e-commerce agency operations (Midi Network). The former sector provides integrated marketing services for brands, including digital creative solutions, e-commerce recommendation plans, media procurement and public relations activities. The latter part mainly provides store operations, e-commerce content, livestreaming operations, warehousing, and distribution and customer services.

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In addition, Mediabook has also the joined digital marketing platform owned by ByteDance this year. Taking store operation as an example, Mediabook will provide customers with e-commerce solutions such as data asset analysis and business consultation, e-commerce recommendation, livestreaming growth, advertising, warehousing and logistics, and pre- and after-sales customer services.

In terms of income, Mediabook’s service fees and commission constitute the main source of revenue. It also expands the income from e-commerce marketing and data consulting. According to Wang Cong, the founder of Mediabook, the firm’s monthly net profits exceeded 5 million yuan in October last year.