DP Technology Secures Tens of Millions of Dollars in Round B Financing

DP Technology, a micro-scale industrial design platform developer, announced on Monday the completion of round B financing worth tens of millions of dollars, jointly led by Source Code Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, and followed by previous shareholders including GL Ventures and Matrix Partners.

This round of funds will be mainly used to continuously attract top talent across the industry, so as to deepen the construction of a micro-scale industrial design platform and realize related technologies in drug and material designs.

Founded in 2018, DP Technology has expanded the technical capability of “AI + molecular simulation” to the accurate and efficient calculation of quantum mechanics with several billion atoms. For example, the firm has launched the scientific computing platform Lebesgue, the drug design platform Hermite and the microscopic computing and design platform Bohrium.

At present, DP Technology has cooperated with many leading companies in the fields of medicine, materials and new energy, and has built a complete system from innovative design to industrial realization through its micro-scale industrial design platform.

In the field of new energy, DP Technology has reached a cooperation agreement with leading Chinese battery giant CATL to build a joint laboratory, so as to drive the R&D of materials with more efficient computing and jointly develop cutting-edge technologies in the field of new energy.

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In the field of medicine, DP Technology has joined hands with many customers to combine the computing of physical modeling and AI with preclinical drug R&D, providing more accurate theoretical guidance for drug research personnel and improving the efficiency of drug design and optimization.

Previously, DP Technology completed an A round of financing in which it garnered tens of millions of dollars, led by GL Ventures and followed by Matrix Partners and Biomap. It then secured a pre-A round led by Vision Plus Capital and followed by Crystal Stream. The firm has also completed an angel round, led by Baidu Ventures and followed by Will Hunting Capital and Peakview Capital. All these previous rounds of financing were finished in only one year.