Douyin Reaches Cooperation With Chinese Super League

According to a post by its official Weibo account on June 3, Douyin has reached a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Super League (CSL), becoming the football organization’s official short video cooperation platform for the new season.

The cooperation will allow fans to access CSL news and updates through Douyin, the Chinese mainland version of TikTok. Douyin will also jointly launch the exclusive topic of CSL, and will empower the communication and promotion of CSL through more activities and products.

Coincidentally, more than a month ago, the Japan Professional Football League established a new partnership with TikTok. Different from the past, the J League encourages fans to shoot and upload videos related to football and J League events days after reaching cooperation.

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In fact, since obtaining an NBA cooperation at the end of 2018, ByteDance has successively reached deals with large organizations such as the National Hockey League, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the Wimbledon Championships, the ICC Cricket World Cup, and more. Through accessing the copyright of these top events, ByteDance is building a global sports content ecology.

Prior to ByteDance’s recent success, video streaming platforms such as LeTV Sports, Tencent Video, Youku, iQiyi Sports and PP Sports were among the market leaders. After 2018, short video platforms represented by Douyin and Kuaishou attracted more attention and time of web users, and thus, longer video platforms had less advantages in competing for the copyright of sports events.

At the same time, cooperations between short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou and sports events bring out rich commercial benefits. The new distribution channels established by Douyin and Kuaishou help sports organizers to obtain more rights and interests, and adapt content into an appealing fragmented format conducive to sharing.