DJI Responds to Rumors of Being Fined $6 Billion

Regarding the rumor circulating on the internet that the penalty amount for DJI’s alleged patent infringement in the United States has been increased from the previous $279 million US dollars to $6 billion US dollars, equivalent to a fine of ¥44 billion Chinese yuan, DJI stated on the afternoon of October 31st that this is a false rumor.

DJI’s Senior Director of Strategic Planning and External Communications, Christina Zhang (Zhang Xiaonan), refuted the rumors by stating that the jury’s verdict in April this year was a settlement amount of $279 million US dollars. The case is still under trial and there has been no updated judgment information as of now.

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DJI’s response to the jury’s ruling at that time was as follows: “DJI does not recognize the decision made by the jury. DJI’s products do not use Textron’s technology. Textron is a military helicopter company, while DJI is a civilian drone company. They are completely different types of products. In fact, the core patent used by Textron in this lawsuit was filed in 2011, but DJI had already incorporated this technology into its XP3.1 model released in 2009. Therefore, DJI will consider continuing to appeal and believes that the local laws will ultimately provide a fair conclusion.”