DJI Released DJI Goggles RE: New Image Transmitting Module for 3,999 yuan

No more than half a year ago, when DJI Goggles was still under engineering development, its Spark motion model already proved to be impressive with capturing the image from the bird-eye view.
Now DJI unexpectedly released the improved version.

DJI Goggles RE not only upgrades the transmission performance, but also enables players to customize their choices.

Compared with the normal version, DJI Goggles RE adopts a more athletic color combination of red and black and a better leather-texture material. On function, DJI Goggles RE has, in addition to all functions of normal edition, added 6k 360° panorama browsing feature.

But the highlight is its powerful OcuSync real-time image transmission module. Switching to the module, the DJI Goggles RE, with OcuSync camera on either in a model airplane in the sky or in a robot car on the ground, will have the transmitted images with 50 ms delay from the first-person perspective. The definition of images is 1280 x 960 @ 50 FPS, and the longest distance of wireless transmission is 7 kilometers. Besides, DJI Goggles RE also supports up to 12 fixed channels, and 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz dual-band and can automatically change the band. It is interference free. Thus, smooth flight/racing FPV can be available in more equipments. In addition, the OcuSync sky terminal is responsible for transmitting images to the DJI Goggles RE and it could also record videos. The SD card on the DJI Goggles RE is used to save the images.

And, DJI Goggles RE will first ensure compatibility for its UAVs. DJI Goggles RE suits OcuSync Mavic Pro most and could be connected to Phantom 4 series, Inspire 2 and Spark through USB. The high-end DJI Goggles RE is currently available on DJI’s website for 3,999 yuan with a backpack for free. However, given the ability of assembling and customizing OcuSync, it may work better to purchase OcuSync package which is priced at 5599 yuan.

This article originally appeared in Evolife and was translated by Pandaily.