DJI Drones Taken Off Shelves of Germany’s Top Electronics Retailer

German media reported recently that MediaMarkt, the largest electronics retailer in the country, has removed drones made by Chinese firm DJI from its shelves. DJI issued a statement on Monday, alleging that this was because the company and many of its partners were attacked by spammers last week.

Germany’s MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, a partner of DJI for many years, has also fallen victim to such activity, the statement contended. Last Friday, the German enterprise suspended sales of DJI’s drones as a result of security concerns, and the two sides are still discussing this incident.

“We have reiterated many times that all products of DJI are designed for civilian purposes and cannot meet the requirements of military use. At present, it is totally wrong to accuse DJI of supporting war on overseas social platforms. In addition, DJI’s internal compliance team is composed of experienced professionals to ensure that DJI’s business fully complies with international regulations,” DJI said.

DJI was established in 2006 and is headquartered in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. On March 21, DJI released a number of new products that can be applied to various scenarios within the energy industry, with a view towards empowering workers through digital innovation.

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However, in recent years, DJI has faced mounting restrictions from the US government on the grounds of national security. San Francisco-based software firm Figma earlier started to cut ties with DJI in order to ensure compliance with sanctions. Figma’s Chinese competitors, Lanhu and JsDesign, have swiftly responded with a helping hand to minimize the impact of the access ban.