Display Firm Royole Wins 3 Billion Yuan in Product Orders From CIOT

Flexible display firm Royole Corporation signed a strategic partnership with leading robotics company CIOT on Sunday. As part of the agreement, CIOT will purchase flexible display screens, sensors, software and hardware integration solutions from Royole Corporation in batches for the whole line of commercial robot products of the company, with a total purchase amount of about 3 billion yuan ($473 million), for three consecutive years from 2022.

In addition, the two firms will deepen cooperation across the application field of intelligent robots in flexible electronics, jointly develop intelligent robot solutions integrating flexible electronics technology, promote the application of flexible screens in the robot industry through product, technology and business cooperation, and jointly build a new ecology of intelligent manufacturing.

With the rapid development and deep application of artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, intelligent sensing and other technologies, robots are gradually developing in the direction of high performance and intelligence, interconnecting with artificial intelligence, internet, big data, 3D, new materials, flexible electronics and other technologies, and their application fields are constantly expanding. This cooperation between CIOT and Royole will further explore the integration development mode of flexible electronics technology, products and robots, continuously innovate product forms, optimize product performance, and widely empower social and economic development.

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For this strategic cooperation, Bill Liu, the founder, chairman and CEO of Royole Corporation, believes that the company has been committed to applying flexible electronics technology to more industries since it realized mass production of fully flexible screens with its own technology in 2018. He hopes that through this cooperation, intelligent commercial service robot products will get a better human-computer interaction experience.

Zhong Xiangyu, chairman of CIOT, said, “Robot products themselves are an important carrier of display screens. In 2021, the market maintenance of CIOT robots exceeded 75,000 units, and they were applied in more than 50 scenes such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, governments and exhibition halls. This means that CIOT’s intelligent business-used service robots have a broad market.”

Prior to this, an AI-powered photocatalyst air disinfection robot jointly developed by CIOT and Royole Corporation appeared at the 2021 Boao Forum. This robot is equipped with the third generation cicada wing full flexible screen of Royole Corporation, which has a richer interactive interface, lightweight and flexible movement, supports intelligent obstacle avoidance, and a customizable disinfection scheme. It uses hydroxide radical ions to inactivate viruses, which can kill air aerosol viruses and object surface viruses at the same time, monitor air quality autonomously, match cleaning schemes, and realize man-machine coexistence.