Desay Battery Provides Lithium Batteries to Huawei

Desay Battery, a Shenzhen-based lithium battery manufacturer, responded to an inquiry about the firm’s potential cooperation with Huawei’s automotive business on a Chinese investor interaction platform on Monday, responding that Huawei is its core strategic customer. The firm acknowledged that it provides Huawei with lithium batteries for various products, but has not yet provided products related to automotive batteries.

Desay Battery also pointed out that its new energy vehicle power battery business is mainly battery management system (BMS), which accounts for a very low proportion of its revenue. The energy storage lithium battery market will be the key business of the company in the future, but its proportion of revenue is still very low at present.

Since its establishment many years ago, Desay Battery has been focusing on lithium battery power management and packaging business. At present, the company is actively expanding its business scope, further extending its business in the industrial chain on the basis of strengthening its existing business and developing an energy storage battery cell business, an SIP packaging business and an assembly business. It is committed to becoming the world’s leading service provider in the new energy and intelligent control industry.

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In addition, Desay Battery has accumulated strong R&D strength and continuous innovation ability after years of development. By the end of 2021, the subsidiaries of the company had accumulated 118 invention patents, 605 utility model patents, 12 design patents and 80 software copyrights.

Desay Battery said that the company will base itself on the existing mobile power management system and battery assembly industry, further consolidate the industry-leading position of small and medium-sized lithium battery power management and packaging business, and accelerate the strategic layout of its global development. It will steadily expand the power management business of large-scale power batteries, vigorously promote the development of emerging businesses such as SIP, UWB, energy storage battery cell and intelligent hardware, which are highly related to existing industries and have great market potential. It also aims to continuously optimize its industrial layout.