Delivery Platforms Pilot Contactless Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, multiple delivery platforms in China have now proceeded with contactless delivery services. With news of delivery riders getting infected, such measures are necessary to maintain the safety of both riders and customers.

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Since January 26, Suning Logistics has piloted the “contactless delivery” service in multiple cities across the country. During the delivery process, delivery riders will contact the user by phone to confirm the delivery, and to place the package in the designated location, for instance, reception desk at office, doorstep at home, etc. The riders will then notify the user to pick up the package through SMS, or on the app. No contact between the rider and the customer is made during the process.

Currently, Suning Logistics operates in over 300 cities across the country. Through the online grocery stores of Suning, users in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing can order fresh vegetables and fruits and pick them up next day.

The same goes for delivery giant Meituan Dianping. According to the company, as of January 29, Meituan has launched the “contactless delivery” service in 184 cities across the country.

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According to Chinese media Jiemian, platforms including Alibaba’s and Hema, as well as MissFresh have also engaged with such contactless delivery services. When submitting an order online, the user can specify the exact location to fetch the package in the remarks column.