Cyberspace Administration of China to Forbid Providing Addictive Services to Minors

On Wednesday, the official WeChat account of the Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice requesting public comment on the Regulation of Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Services (Draft for Public Comment).

According to the Draft, the application providers shall strictly implement real-name registration and login requirements of underage users’ accounts and shall not provide underage users with products and services that may induce them to indulge in any way.

The Draft also proposes that applications that provide users with services such as information releases and instant messaging shall authenticate the true identity information of users who apply for registration based on their mobile phone numbers, ID numbers or unified social credit codes.

As for registered users who violate relevant laws, regulations and service agreements, the application providers shall issue a warning, restrict functions, close accounts, and use other disposal measures according to law and keep records about actions taken and report them to the relevant departments.

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The applicants’ personal information processing activities should be carried out with a clear and reasonable purpose and proper disclosure rules. The applications shall not force their users to agree to any unnecessary personal information for any reason and shall not refuse to provide users with basic services if the users do not agree to provide unnecessary personal information.