Custom Alibaba Sans Typeface Available For Free Use in 178 Languages

At its annual U Design conference held on August 12, Chinese tech giant Alibaba debuted a new version of its custom Alibaba Sans typeface in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean scripts. The typeface will be freely available for general use, offering great support for small and medium-sized enterprises’ overseas business and cultural exchange.

At the same time, the independent download port of the Alibaba Sans typeface was launched synchronously, so that more users in need can quickly obtain permanent, free and business-used fonts covering 178 languages.

Font copyright infringement has always been one of the problems plaguing small and medium-sized enterprises. With the launch of inclusive tools such as Alibaba Sans typeface, such problems are being addressed. This year, Alibaba also launched a font licensing checkup tool to help businesses, designers, and artists make sure their fonts are fully licensed for the intended use.

“Taobao adds 23.5 million pictures using Alibaba Sans typeface every day,” said Yang Guang, the head of the Alibaba Design Committee. Yang also mentioned at the conference that from the continuous supplement of font packages, the optimization of acquisition methods, to the launch of licensing checkup tools, Alibaba has provided big help for merchants.

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Since its birth in 2019, the Alibaba Sans family of typefaces is intended to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises, designers and content creators around the world by opening free and professional business-used fonts, reducing their operating and creative costs. Last year, the company promised permanent free business use of Alibaba Sans typeface. Four years into its initial launch, the Alibaba Sans family of typefaces has been downloaded over four million times, according to the firm.

More and more business platforms or commercial organizations have already adapted the font. Alimama, a commercial digital marketing platform of Alibaba, has used it to meet the needs of merchants for art title words. Alibaba Health, meanwhile, has provided hospitals and pharmacies with softer round characters.