Crypto Mining Pool Poolin’s Low Liquidity Leads to Withdrawal Difficulties

In response to withdrawal difficulties faced by many of its users, Kevin Pan, the founder and CEO of global crypto mining pool Poolin, recently said that the situation has been caused by a lack of liquidity, and that funds are safe.

“At present, the net assets of Poolin are positive. In the near future, possible solutions including liquidity debt, debt for mining machines, debt for shares and more will be proposed,” Pan added.

An official from Poolin also said in a community group that the the firm’s mining pool and wallet are in independent operation. At present, the mining pool business is all normal, and miners can also see that the income of all currencies is paid normally every day. As for the strict control of withdrawals from wallets recently, Poolin says it will provide updates as soon as possible.

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With a mission of making the world a better place through decentralization, Poolin was founded in 2017 by the original core team of According to Mining Pool Stats, Poolin is currently ranked fourth in the world in terms of computing power and is one of the largest mining pools in the world. Available cryptocurrencies include ETH, ZEC, ZEN, LTC, DOGE, DASH, and more. The platform adjusted the fee rate of ETC from 3% PPS+ to 0% PPS+ on September 2.