Comedian Stephen Chow Hints at Bringing His Film Character to Metaverse

Stephen Chow, a Hong Kong comedian, filmmaker and actor known for Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, posted on Instagram on October 31 to ask which of his movie characters people would most like to see in the metaverse, hinting that he will introduce his own characters to the Web3 world.

On October 18, Chow opened an Instagram account and issued a talent recruitment post that reads, “Looking for outstanding Web3 talent in the dark to help me build a creative future.” The specific requirements include familiarity with Web3, project management experience, intelligence and kindness.

Applicants need to post a self-introduction video or Web3 piece on Instagram and tag #CreateWithStephen. Chow also said that he would personally select candidates.

In March 2022, Chow appeared on Discord and held an AMA (ask me anything) with the founder of NFT project FWENCLUB, during which he expressed his views on NFTs, blockchain and the metaverse.

Chow said that NFTs having certified copyright is, of course, a good thing for both artists and creators. “The movies I made also belong to metaverse to a certain extent. Now metaverse combines NFTs and blockchain technologies. I think this will become a new model.” In addition, Chow wondered about suggestions by producers about building NFTs and the selection of different characters for NFTs.

Chow’s participation in this activity is related to one of the shapes of the NFT project which is similar to his famous work “From Beijing with Love.” FWENCLUB officially explained that “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” is a cooperation project between black humor cartoonist Joan Cornellà Vázquez, which has nothing to do with Chow. The NFT, which is considered by the public to be similar to Chow, is only a gift given by Joan Cornellà Vázquez to Chow for private collection.

The story of MOAR by Joan Cornellà is set in a mansion called MOAR in the metaverse, containing 5,555 unique avatars, 50 legendary works of art, and was released in April 2022.

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Jay Chou, Wayne Lin and other Chinese celebrities have previously entered the NFT field one after another. Lin even spent $123,000 to buy three pieces of virtual real estate. Just a few days ago, a digital collection platform receiving investment from a company which Chinese businessman Wang Sicong is taking shares was officially launched. Since the beginning of this year, more and more cities in China are exploring the metaverse field, with frequent preferential policies and capital support. Tourism and government affairs are one of the key directions for metaverse development in China.