Chinese Manufacturers Increasing UTG Investment And Production

According to The Elec, Samsung Display will supply UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) foldable panels to Xiaomi‘s second generation foldable smartphone, the Mi MIX Fold2. The report, published on December 14, also revealed that Samsung first adopted UTG with its Galaxy Z Flip launched last year. Overall, Chinese manufacturers are increasing their use of UTG technology.

On December 15, Lens Technology, a leading smartphone glass manufacturing company based in China, said on an investor interaction platform that the folding screen is one of the future development directions of smartphones, coexisting with mainstream non-foldable smartphones, and has great potential in the market. Lens Technology is actively exploring the foldable smartphone market, and has established cooperation with several customers to provide products such as 3D glass screen protectors, UTG, colorless polyimide (CPI) film and metal components.

On November 24, Triumph Technology, a developer of display and other related materials, said on the investor interaction platform that the company’s UTG Phase I mass production line had been completed, and all indicators of product performance were leading in the industry. In addition, the company has control over its entire chain of UTG production.

In addition, on November 2, the Henan Xuchuang UTG Project was officially launched in Mengzhou, Henan Province.

CINNO Research pointed out that UTG glass consists of glass that is thinly processed at the level of 30 microns (μm, one-millionth of a meter), and is made through a strengthening process that improves flexibility and durability. It is characterized by its ability to fold while retaining its original firmness,  smooth touch, and surface uniformity. In particular, the glass remained durable even after significant testing.

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