Chinese GPU Firm Moore Threads Bags B Round of Financing Over $215M

Moore Threads, a Beijing-based GPU company, announced on December 27 that it had received a B Round of financing worth 1.5 billion yuan ($215.5 million).

This round of financing was led by China Mobile Digital New Economy Industry Fund and Hexie Health Insurance, and was followed by Dianshi Capital. The funds will continue to be used for the rapid iteration of Moore Threads’ multifunctional GPU, MT Unified System Architecture (MUSA architecture) innovation and related copyright research.

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Moore Threads is an integrated circuit high-tech company focusing on full-featured GPU chip design. Founded in 2020, it has completed four rounds of financing, and disclosed that the financing amount is at least over 4.5 billion yuan. Its investors include well-known investment institutions and enterprises such as Tencent, ByteDance, Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group, Sequoia Capital China, Shenzhen Capital Group and 5Y Capital.

MTT S80 (Source: Moore Threads)

At the end of March this year, Moore Threads launched its first generation GPU “Suti”, which is positioned as a low-end processor, mainly facing the enterprise-oriented market. In November, the company launched its second generation of multi-functional GPU “Chunxiao” based on a self-developed MUSA architecture, which is mainly aimed at the consumer market. The GPU is also aimed to meet the needs of high-end gamers and users of intensive graphics and computing applications while still being useful for middle to high-end applications.

In addition, the company also launched a series of new products, such as the game graphics card MTT S80, server-oriented MTT S3000, meta-computing all-in-one MCCX, series GPU software stacks and application tools. Among them, the MTT S80 game graphics card equipped with the Chunxiao GPU went on sale in November.

Recently, Moore Threads and several OEM partners have won large desktop purchase orders from large Chinese central enterprises and large state-owned banks. Currently, tens of thousands of domestically-made PCs are equipped with Moore Threads’ MTT S series graphics cards and will be widely used in digital office business scenarios in telecommunications and financial industries.

Moore Threads also signed strategic cooperation memorandums with China Mobile’s Cloud Capability Center and China Telecom Research Institute to jointly explore the implementation of a multifunctional GPU in cloud computing and application, new infrastructure for the metaverse and a localized ecological construction.

“With AI painting and chat robot ChatGPT becoming a heated topic, large-scale digital humans and virtual livestreamers emerged at the same time, and the commercialization progress of metaverse has attracted attention. The virtual world built by 3D rendering, AI technology and physical engines will provide users with an entrance to the metaverse experience.” GGV Capital stated, “The multi-functional GPU developed by Moore Threads, features capabilities in graphics and AI computing, can provide effective computing support for the transformation of the physical world and the digital world.”