Chinese Authorities Summon Gaming Firms Including Tencent and NetEase

On Wednesday, Chinese market regulators summoned Tencent, NetEase and other key online game companies, account rental and sales platforms and livestreaming platforms.

The authorities include the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the National Press and Publication Administration, the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The interview pointed out that several Chinese government departments have issued notices on preventing minors from indulging in online games and urged better management of cultural and entertainment fields, which have received support from all aspects of society.

Regulators stressed that all online game enterprises and platforms should strictly adhere to the time limits that minors can access their online games, and should not provide online game account rentals nor sales to minors in any form.

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Game providers should strictly prohibit any content that would cause minors to deviate from proper values, contains pornography, blood or terrifying acts, etc. Undesirable orientation like money worship, sissy or effeminate behavior, or male homosexuality will be resisted.

Online game companies and platforms should also change any rules or gameplay design that could lead players to become addicted to playing the game. Companies should also restrict advertising endorsements made by stars and celebrities. Any sort of inappropriate focus on money or celebrity worship will be resolutely curbed. It is necessary to strengthen the management of live games, and prohibit high rewards and rewards provided by minors.

At the same time, the relevant departments of the state will intensify supervision and carry out special inspections on the execution of anti-addiction measures.