Chinese Authorities Interview Firms Including Huolala and Didi to Ensure Rights and Interests of Freight Drivers

China’s Ministry of Transport has said that it would work to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of truck drivers. At a policy briefing on Wednesday held by the State Council Information Office, officials contended that platform enterprises should not induce unreasonable quotations from shippers and engage in vicious low-price competition among freight drivers.

On August 18, Li Huaqiang, head of the Transportation Services Department of the Ministry of Transport, explained that the department has recently focused on the following aspects:

First, the Ministry of Transport organized an investigation, which covered 25 provinces across the country, and learned the problems truck drivers have met. This investigation provided basic data that can be used to further improve relevant policies and systems.

Second, from May to October of this year, special rectification actions for major problems in the field of law enforcement continue to be implemented.

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Third, the transportation service supervision hotlines have been set up in transportation departments at all levels to solve the concerns of truck drivers in a timely manner. Up to now, during the rectification period, officials of transportation departments visited more than 78,000 enterprises, had face-to-face talks with more than 270,000 people, and dealt with 92,000 complaints to law enforcement.

The Ministry of Transport also held inquiries with platforms such as Full Truck Alliance, Huolala and Didi Chuxing, urging them to end practices such as inducing customers to give unreasonable quotations and forcing drivers to participate in vicious low-price competition.

Through the above measures, the Ministry of Transport, together with relevant departments, strives to further safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of truck drivers.