Chinese AI Firm DeepBlue Accelerates Layout in Autonomous Driving and Automaking

The competitive field of autonomous driving constantly attracts companies in various industries to transform. DeepBlue Technology, a Shanghai-based AI company, has promoted its industrial chain layout in the autonomous driving and new energy vehicle sectors. On November 30, Panda Automobile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by DeepBlue, completed two deals of mergers and acquisitions, namely of FHA Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hunan Jialijian New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Among them, FHA Automobile Manufacturing is a traditional vehicle manufaturer with complete vehicle production qualification, R&D, production, sales and after-sales service capabilities. Its products include various kinds of trucks and special vehicles. After Panda Automobile completes the merger, the firm will become the production base of DeepBlue Technology’s self-driving vehicles.

Chen Haibo, the founder and chairman of DeepBlue Technology, said in an interview on December 2 that the company would jointly establish a joint venture with FHA Automobile Manufacturing. The new firm will focus on hydrogen trucks and explore automobile battery swapping services at the same time. “Battery costs account for 40% of the cost of new energy vehicles, which has become an important factor affecting consumers’ car choices. It is necessary for the company to lay out in advance,” said the executive.

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Hunan Jialijian New Energy Technology is mainly engaged in new energy battery recycling and cascade utilization. After signing the contract, it will start battery banking services and a recycling project of automobile batteries.

In October, DeepBlue Technology and Shandong Taishan Iron & Steel Group established a joint venture. The two sides will cooperate to produce unmanned new energy intelligent sanitation vehicles and equipment, and they will carry out stainless steel hydrogen energy movable storage equipment and hydrogen energy output based on the hydrogen production capacity of Taishan Iron & Steel Group.

Founded in 2014, DeepBlue Technology has made extensive efforts in the fields of commercial robots and intelligent retail equipment. An academic institution and research center in the field of AI technology established by DeepBlue Academy of Sciences involves research, technology, application, education and other aspects. The academy has a core R&D team of more than 90 people and more than 40 core algorithms and original technologies of AI.

In the field of intelligent driving, the existing product lines of DeepBlue Technology now include buses, taxis, logistics vehicles and sweepers, and it also has products implemented in ports and mines.