China Sees Applications for 16,000 Metaverse Trademarks

In response to an interview with The Paper on Monday, the China National Intellectual Property Administration said that it has received about 16,000 trademark applications related to the metaverse in Chinese and English in its trademark database.

The administration also pointed out in particular that it resolutely opposes and severely cracks down on malicious trademark registration such as following trending topics and hoarding trademarks without apparent purpose for use. When applying for trademark registration, applicants will comply with the law and the principle of good faith, and should aim not to harm public interest or disrupt the order of the trademark registration process.

Metaverse, as the carrier of the integration of the virtual world and the real world, contains great opportunities for social media, content, games, office work and other fields. It is seen as a new Internet ecosystem produced by the integration of various new technologies such as the blockchain.

In the second half of 2021, the concept of the metaverse continued to heat up. Many domestic manufacturers, including Tencent, life-sharing platform Xiaohongshu, and video platform iQiyi, applied for several trademarks related to the metaverse, but failed.

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Furthermore, today the official website of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communication Association, issued an industrial pact on the new area of the internet, proposing that metaverse businesses should be based on serving the real economy. Capital speculation by using the concept of the metaverse should be resisted to prevent market bubbles, the pact suggested.