China Releases Schematic Diagram of Space Station

The Science and Technology Committee of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) posted an ultra-high definition schematic diagram of the China Space Station on Wednesday.

According to the official outlet, the China Space Station will complete a T-shaped construction by the end of this year, with more than 110 cubic meters of activity space within the cabin. It will be equipped with two exit hatches for astronauts and one cargo airlock cabin, and it will provide six sleeping areas and two sanitary areas, which can support the long-term mission of three people and the short-term stay of six people.

According to Zhou Jianping, the chief designer of China’s manned space program, the space station has three modules – one core module and two laboratory modules. Each module will weigh over 20 tons.

The space station will be formulated in a T-shape, with the core module at the center and a lab capsule on each side. Specifically, the core module is used to control the whole space station assembly, and the two laboratory capsules are used for scientific experiments in biology, materials, microgravity fluid and basic physics.

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In terms of food supply in aerospace, more than 120 kinds of foods with balanced nutrition, good taste and long shelf life have been prepared. The dining area is equipped with food heating, refrigeration and water equipment, as well as folding tables, which are convenient for astronauts to eat. In addition, the China Space Station uses advanced network technology, empowering the speed to reach 1.2 Gbps.