China Releases July List of Newly Approved Domestic Games

China’s National Press and Publication Administration on July 12 released this month’s approval information for new domestic online games, granting licenses for 67 titles.

Many listed companies’ works are on the list, including “Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Enemy at the Gates” by Shenzhen Zqgame Co., Ltd., “Infinity Kingdom” by Yoozoo Games, and “Eternal Return” by iDreamSky. In addition, a game called “Forged in Shadow Torch” operated by Shanghai Hode Information Technology Co., Ltd. under Bilibili Inc. is also among the newly approved titles.

On the list, there are 65 mobile games, six PC games, as well as one PS5 console game. The issuance of game registration numbers this time still focuses on casual games, most of which are mobile games, while games with long life cycle are still few. Insiders believe that official approval of new titles may soon return to the normal state of monthly releases.

Since official Chinese game registration reviews resumed in April this year, the frequency and quantity of new approvals has gradually stabilized, apart from a brief interruption in May. In addition, the number of newly passed games every month is more than 60. Although the average monthly number has decreased compared with previous years, many insiders said that the normalized approval of game registration numbers is undoubtedly good news for the industry.

Games by Tencent and NetEase are not included in the three batches of approval lists announced so far this year. The approved game companies in April and June also included miHoYo, Perfect World, 37Games, Lilith Games, Leiting Games under G‑bits.

More than 40 game products were released at the SPARK 2022 launch event hosted by Tencent Games on June 27. This number is comparable to that of NetEase. At NetEase‘s Connect 2022 Annual Product Launch Event held on May 20, more than 40 games were also released.

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