Changan Automobile Launches Deep Blue SL03

Deep Blue SL03, the latest vehicle model produced by Changan Automobile’s Deep Blue brand, opened for sales on July 25 at 183,900 yuan to 215,900 yuan ($27,232 – $31,971) for the pure electric version, 168,900 yuan ($25,011) for the extended-range version and 699,900 yuan ($103,643) for the hydrogen electric version.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4820mm/1890mm/1480mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2900mm. It adopts a 1.9 m² panoramic awning, a 19-inch sealed wheel hubs, an electric tailgate, and a 14.6-inch full LCD touch screen.

In terms of performance, the Deep Blue SL03 pure electric version has a cruising range of 515km/705km under comprehensive working conditions, with the fastest acceleration of 5.9 seconds per 100km and a peak power of 190kW. The extended-range version has a cruising range of 1200km, a pure electric cruising range of 200km and a fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km. The cruising range of the hydrogen electric version under comprehensive working conditions is 730km, the hydrogen consumption per 100km is 0.65kg, and the hydrogen filling time is 3 minutes.

Deep Blue SL03 (Source: Deep Blue)

The new car is the world’s earliest mass-production model equipped with an 8-core high computing power super car chip 1.2.1 baseline and the Android 11 operating system. Its chip adopts 7nm process technology, which has more computing units and a stronger processor performance, and its computing speed can reach 360 million times per second.

The Deep Blue SL03 is equipped with more than ten intelligent driving assistance systems, and has 15 sensing components including six ultrasonic radars, three millimeter wave radars and six high-performance cameras. It is equipped with integrated adaptive IACC, which comes standard with intelligent driving assistance functions such as lane change assistance, intelligent panoramic imaging and AEB automatic emergency braking to help users reduce driving burdens.

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The Deep Blue SL03 will also launch the APA7.0 remote Valet Parking system. After subscribing to this service, the vehicle will be upgraded to 34 sensing hardware to achieve memory parking, remote car moving, remote parking and other functions in common use scenarios.