ByteDance’s Feishu Previews Intelligent Assistant “My AI”

ByteDance’s office software, Feishu, released a video preview of its upcoming intelligent assistant “My AI” on April 11. The product is still in development, and there is no specific timeline for public testing or launch at this time.

The demonstration revealed that “My AI” is not designed to interact with users in the same way as ChatGPT, but rather functions similarly to Microsoft’s Office Copilot. Users can utilize “My AI” for generating meeting summaries and corresponding to-do lists based on those summaries. Additionally, it has the capability of producing reports from data and writing documents based on user edits, which significantly enhances work efficiency. Furthermore, it can aid users in creating meetings, searching for case references, brainstorming ideas and planning project processes.

(Source: Feishu)

While “My AI” may not possess the same level of intelligence as generative artificial intelligence, which can engage in unrestricted conversation, it currently offers more practical assistance for work-related tasks.

Feishu announced during an internal meeting on February 16 of this year that its annual recurring revenue (ARR) for 2022 had reached $100 million, which is a growth rate of 2.7 times compared to the previous year. At the Spring Future Unlimited Conference held on March 22, Feishu unveiled three new products designed to provide efficient systems for small companies and make expensive systems accessible to larger ones.

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According to a report by Jazz Year, Feishu CEO Xie Xin was asked about his thoughts on ChatGPT during a media interview after a conference. He stated that since the release of ChatGPT, people have realized the importance of learning how to ask AI questions promptly. While he hasn’t given much thought to whether AI can replace workers, he did mention that he paid for it because without payment, he couldn’t use it. He believes that getting everyone to use this new tool as soon as possible will be very helpful.