ByteDance’s Douyin Releases Rules that Prohibit Public Welfare Accounts from Participating in Live Streaming Tipping

On June 2nd, the official Douyin account released the latest regulations on the governance of public welfare content on Douyin.

It stated that “a very small number of creators use internet platforms to try to deceive traffic, money and love by fabricating false scenes such as ‘poor life’ and ‘old housing’ under the guise of ‘assisting farmers’, ‘assisting those in need’, and ‘assisting the disabled’ through false “donation assistance” and other “public welfare” behaviors with negative impact.” The new regulations clearly require that “public welfare accounts shall not engage in profit-making activities such as live broadcast rewards or e-commerce sales.”

Douyin encourages users to share beauty and positive energy in their lives, while also hoping to protect pure and genuine public welfare. In order to prevent the misuse of public welfare for marketing purposes and the spread of false information, strict measures will be taken against fake “public welfare” behavior. Douyin has updated its regulations on public welfare content governance as follows:

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