ByteDance Tops’s List of Chinese Non-Game Publishers by Overseas Revenue

US-based mobile analytics company on Wednesday released a report on the top 30 Chinese non-game publishers in terms of overseas revenue for March, 2022. The top three spots were again occupied by ByteDance, JOYY and Tencent, consistent with all monthly lists since the first one was released in November of last year. QuVideo ranked ninth, up nine places from the previous year.

There were 10 listed companies, including JOYY, Tencent, iReader Technology, Newborn Town, Meitu, iQiyi, BlueCity, Baidu, COL Digital Publishing and Kuaishou. The remaining 20 companies are not listed. BlueCity, a listed company, is in the process of privatization, while QuVideo and IntSig Information are preparing for an IPO.

The 30 publishers on the list can basically be divided into three categories, including social entertainment services, tools and online novels.

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In addition, released the “2022 Level Up Top Publisher Awards,” in which the list of “Top 52 Overall Publishers Worldwide” has been established for 10 years. The company also announced income rankings for publishers in various continents and regions, as well as the income rankings of Chinese game publishers that global developers cared the most about.

The list of “Top 52 Overall Publishers Worldwide” in 2022 refers to the data of in 2021 and data from DNA as of March 31, 2022, and includes the top companies in terms of app store user expenses in 2021 from the evaluation dimension of global iOS App Store and Google Play comprehensive revenue. The users expense of these publishers exceeded more than $170 billion in 2021, reaching a record high, according to