ByteDance to Sue US Government over the TikTok Ban on Monday: Full Announcement

On Sunday afternoon, August 23 Beijing time, TikTok Parent ByteDance announced that it is going to sue the Trump administration after the recent executive order that threatened a complete ban on the company’s business in the United States. The announcement came after ByteDance released a statement on August 7 declaring that the company would take the fight to American courts in order to get “fair treatment.” 

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In the statement, ByteDance said that it would officially start the litigation process on August 24 US time, which is August 25 Beijing time. Below is a translated version of the full statement: 

“In the past year, we have been seeking to communicate with the US government with the utmost sincere attitude, and offering solutions to the concerns they have raised. However, the US has ignored the facts and ignored the due process of law, even forcibly intervening in the negotiations of private companies. To ensure that the law is not abandoned and that companies and users are treated fairly, we are announcing the formal adoption of litigation.”