ByteDance to Shut Down Edtech Business in India

Tech news site TechCrunch reported on Monday that ByteDance is shutting down its educational technology business in India. The company notified the local team on Monday.

The decision follows a weeks-long discussion in which the company also explored migrating its India team to work with the European edtech team, sources said. The edtech division employed over three dozen people in India, most of whom will be laid off as a result of the shut down.

Even though TikTok, ByteDance’s main product, was banned from use in India last year, at least two of its businesses, Snapsolve, an educational learning application, and Resso, a music streaming service, still operate in India. ByteDance cut most of its staff in India last year, but continues to hire people for these two businesses in India.

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But both the verticals have stayed low-key in the country and employees have been advised to not talk about the businesses publicly, according to many familiar with the matter.