ByteDance Launches Zhichun Academy for Educating Entrepreneurs

Beijing Bytedance Technology, the world’s highest valued tech startup and maker of popular short video platform TikTok, launched an educational initiative for entrepreneurs on company internal exploration. The program is open to Chinese founders and co-founders of A-round companies operating in the fields of Internet, enterprise services, IoT, 5G, big data, AI and more.

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The 1-year-long program, named Zhichun Academy, aims to help entrepreneurs To streamline internal communication processes, build interactive communities and establish a dynamic and efficient cooperative system to foster company growth and development.

ByteDance announced that the program will start in December, 2019, and run through 2020 with 50 open slots and courses held every 2 months. Topics that will be taught through theory and practice include AI, 5G, IoT, VCs and many more.

Mentors participating in the initiative from ByteDance include Jinri Toutiao CEO, Chen Lin, Vice President, Xie Xin, and technology director of the company, Liang Rubo.

Enrolled entrepreneurs revealed that participating students will also have access to ByteDance’s ecosystem of resources, financial investment team services and global alumni resources for business schools at home and abroad.