BYD’s Frigate 07 Model Rolls off Mass Production Line, Starting from $30,290

Chinese automaker BYD announced on October 22 that its Frigate 07 model officially rolled off of the mass production line and will be priced between 220,000 yuan to 280,000 yuan ($30,290 – $38,551). The new vehicle is positioned as a medium-sized SUV and is expected to be launched within the year.

The Frigate 07 was unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show in August this year and measures 4820/1920/1750mm with a wheelbase of 2820mm. It is the second of BYD’s Warship Series, which is similar to Tang, but has undergone a makeover and employs the latest “marine aesthetics” style.

The new car has a unique air intake grille in the front made of chrome-plated material. On both sides of the front, LED headlights help provide better viewing at night. It is also equipped with BYD’s new English logo in the front and the “build your dreams” logo on the rear.

(Source: BYD)

BYD has not officially unveiled the interior of the car, but according to information circulating among auto media outlets, it is not much different from the Tang DM-i model. It is equipped with an adaptive suspension pad and uses a small-sized full LCD dashboard. For intelligent driving, it uses the DiLink 4.0 (5G) intelligent network connection system, head-up display and facial recognition functionality.

The interior of the Frigate 07 began to use less Chinese, and the steering wheel and traditional mechanical buttons in the central control area all used simpler graphic symbols without Chinese characters, which may be in preparation for the global market.

In terms of power, the new vehicle is equipped with the DM-i plug-in hybrid system. The maximum power of the 1.5t engine is 102kW, with the peak power of the front and rear motor able to reach 145kW/150kW, all of which is powered by an iron phosphate blade battery. The estimated pure electric cruising range is 200 km.

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In addition, the Frigate 07 will also launch a DM-P model which will feature a more powerful dual front and rear motor setup with a maximum output of 295kw, a peak torque of 656 N・m, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.7 seconds.

In March this year, Destroyer 05, the first model of the Warship Series, was launched, with a price range of 119,800 yuan to 155,800 yuan, and sold 9,101 units in September this year. As another model of the Warship Series, the Frigate 07 brings another choice to consumers.